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hey guys!

Alot has happened these few days, infact the official Box Critters discord has announced alot of stuff!

Box Critters EXPERIMENT 2: Discord item!

Icy: “ i cant hold the surprise back any longer, as experiment 2 moves closer, you all know we will have items. rocketsnail has paired up with discord and we will be releasing a limited time discord headphones item in game! I will keep you further updated when we near that date. Thanks for all your support.

New Sprite!

In game:

Box Critters Experiment 2: Viking Hat working!

Got my old viking hat back! Looking good. I cannot wait to have inventory and items working! Play now:

Beaver Critter:

Some asked the other day for a beaver critter. In @BoxCritters you will have skills. One of the skills will be lumberjack. My guess is the beaver will have an advantage.


Box Critters: Experiment 2 Progress!

Hey guys, its been a quick minute since I’ve posted on here, just school 🙂

So since I’ve been gone, we’ve gotten loads of things from rocketsnail that we’re going to take a look at!

Snail Critter Idea for when RSNAIL’s on:

” Many of you have asked how you know when I am online. I was thinking about adding my snail. Thoughts? Go play:”


Eyebrow rework for the hamster:

” Yeah. I think the eyebrows look better. Especially with the new emoji faces that we are working on. Your thoughts? 

Rework to the animatons to work with clothing!:

” Busy reworking the animation to work with clothing and items. 

How the hamster is made:

” Reworking the hamster critter. For those interested. The hamster is created in Adobe Illustrator and exported as individual PNG images. The images are then packed into a single spritesheet and rendered in HTML5. 

Box Critters Clothing:

” Hey @BoxCritters fans! Clothing items are coming along nicely. Let me know what you think of the pirate hamster and his friend the kung-fu sock monkey? 

Items on the critters in animation:

” Ta-da! I finally got items to appear on the critter. Now I just need the items to appear in the right spot and rotate with the critter. 

Racoon Outfits:

” I need your help. Which of the following Raccoon outfits do you like best? 

First look at critters in Experiment 2:

” Ha! Development on Experiment 2 continues. The new character and items now work. Next is to build an inventory system. 

Racoon Outfit:

” Thanks for your feedback. Fixed the eyes and the mask to make the Racoon look more happy and went with the toque. I guess I’m too Canadian eh? 

Thats all we have for now, whoa that was alot.

Sorry this was lengthy, I may be asking people to help write for the blog!

If intrested DM me @Littlee37Cp on twitter

Fan-Art Of The Week! #2

Hey guys, yes im a day late, who cares?

But welcome back to the second Fan Art of the week!

Here’s this week’s:


Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 10.08.11 PM.png

This is a mashup of Club Penguin (pre shutdown era) and Box Critters!

I find it amazing that they practically match up, except why are the stairs there near the Dance Club/ Menu for the coffee place haha

Made By:  @Stillwan#4218

Great Job Stillwan!


Box Critters | 2nd Experiment Questions

Hey guys,

2 days ago ROCKETSNAIL posted this on twitter;

Lots of great feedback! Which of the following would you like to test for the second experiment? “

It was a poll with these options;

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 7.53.40 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 7.53.54 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 7.54.11 PM.png

You can see which one i voted for 😛

But, so far ‘ Add items and invetory’ is currently leading with 13 hours left!

In the replies there were some questions though;

” will Experiment 1 close when Experiment 2 opens? ” sent by: @TumbleGamer

” Yes. Experiment1 will close when Experiment2 begins ” RSNAIL

” Is it going to be in the same room, or are you going to be changing other things too? I would suggest Patch Notes so we can know what is being changed and when. It would also be cool to look back and see how much the game has grown. ” sent by: @thelifeofapig

” Wow. Patch notes. I don’t think I’ve ever written patch notes. I would hope some fans would help by updating their blogs with all the changes. ” RSNAIL

” But… who would know more about what was being changed than you would? ” Sent by: @TweesTweets

” I randomly press buttons and magic happens. ” RSNAIL

” he could say, hamsters speed increased 1 to 2 and cuteness decreased 5 to 4 ” lorenzobertoia

Do you have a rough release date for experiment 2? ” Sent by: @CrittersDaily
” Really depends on what everyone votes for. Rough guess. 3-5 weeks. ” RSNAIL
What program will you use to create items to wear on the critters? 🙂 just asking because there are lots of skillfull community critter fans out there that might wanna create items and when finished send them over to you 🙂 ” Sent by: @azerty15
” Currently all the items are created in Adobe Illustrator ” RSNAIL
” So, what happened to that 3D Raccoon model and the 3D sneak peek on YouTube? 2D graphics similar to Club Penguin all over again kinda turns me off. ” Sent by: @AkitaBlood

I decided to go with 2D for Box critters. Too many fans want a next generation CP. for 3D I am working on a couple other world like ” RSNAIL

” I would think that people would rather move on from Club Penguin out of boredom. Guess I’m wrong. I really liked those original plans for Box Critters. I think it would be cool if you tried using 3D characters in 2D worlds? Like the Club Penguin App. ” AKITA

” Keep following along. I am planning an number of new virtual worlds. Each a little different. ” RSNAIL

Thats all that he responed to!

What We Know So Far – Box Critters Experiment 2

Hey Guys! Today I’ll be going over what we know so far about the second Box Critters experiment! First off, rsnail’s tweet he put out;

Busy working on a couple updates for next week. I think I found the bug that crashes the server! I will also have a larger screen and better login ready for next week. Thanks for all your help!

Then we also know he was working on these fixes;

Box Critters is ready for testing!

Wow! I want to thank everyone that logged in and helped test Box Critters this weekend. I am slowly working my way through all your feedback. Here are a couple things that I am currently working on:

  • Message filtering and safety
  • Server stability (less crashing)
  • Login errors
  • AFK (Away from keyboard) detection
  • Error messages
  • Auto-reconnect

Thanks everyone for your patience. I know you all want beta hats and more rooms. I need to make sure all my systems work before i can add more content.

And there is also supposed to be a raccoon critter coming soon;

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 4.06.29 PM

So far in experiment 2 we may be getting a larger screen, better login, Message Filtering and Safety, Less Crashing, AFK Detection, Error messages, auto-reconnect, and also a raccoon critter!

Thats all we know for experiment 2, but I guess we’ll just have to wait until around next week to see it!

Fan-Art of the Week! #1

Hey guys! So today is the start of what I’ll be doing every week on this blog, Fan art!

I will take some of the fan art from the official box critters discord, and put it in a post like this!

Heres the first one:

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 10.07.07 PM.png

Art Made by: @Naps#6583 (also known as Playcenter on the official Box Critters discord)!

Great job, Naps!