Re-working invetory and more! | Box Critters Updates!

Hey guys welcome to another monday blog post!

Re-Working the invetory!:

Hmm. Guessing I need to rework the inventory again.

Sock Monkey’s Official!:

4 years ago I had an idea for ninja sock monkeys. I asked my artist friends to help me explore the character. Sadly the idea did not have a home. Until now. I am super excited to add sock monkeys to Box Critters.

Update Delayed!:

Ack! Box Critters has been delayed. I am currently looking for the bug. Please stand by. Maybe get outside. Enjoy the fresh air and read a book.

Testing New Critters!:

Great news! We are almost ready to start testing more critters, another room and more items.

Cute Critters?:

A couple years ago I had an idea for a game with hamster pirates. Here is some early concept artwork. My guess is many of these items will eventually appear in the world.

using this as my new background for sure!


Over a year ago I had a crazy idea for a game with hamster pirates. I loved these characters and decided to use them for Box Critters.

New Updates!:

Just launched a couple of updates. 1) Wearing an item will now continue when you refresh or login again. 2) Nickname approvals are now working. If you nick is still Hamster send me a message.



Mobile Updates and more!

Hey guys! Its been alittle over a week since we’ve gathered last but here’s the latest!

Mobile Updates!:

Did you know that 20% of Box Critter users play on a mobile device. I spent some time on the weekend learning more about mobile HTML5 and ideas for the smaller screen. I hope to have a mobile version in a couple weeks. #boxcritters

Pirate Adventures!:

Busy working on pirate adventures. I look forward to sharing more with you! Thanks again for playing #BoxCritters

Critters and their items so far!:

Lots of new fans! Yes. I am planning to add more critters in the future. #boxcritters

Testing the new mobile layout!:

Well that did not work! #boxcritters

New Items!:

Thoughts? Is this critter a little too dapper? Lots more items and new critters on the way. I have been busy working on a “small” mode for mobile and adding a new secret room. #boxcritters

Updates at 30,000 feet!:

Working on Box Critters at 30,000 feet. Flying back to Canada. Have a great weekend! #boxcritters

Small Screen update out?:

A couple big updates! Easter Egg Hunt is gone, small screen is available on mobile and a new secret item just dropped! Thanks for playing.

Small Screen ROLLBACK:

I decided to roll back the small screen update. I need to fix the lag before launching the small screen again.

Item Appear! | Box Critters

Hey guys, so its been a little over a week since Experiment 2 Released so heres some things rsnail has in store!

Message when you get/find items!:

One step closer to an Easter egg hunt. The server can now send you messages when you find items. BTW to get the pink toque the secret code is “/cute”

Easter Egg Hunt Begun!:

The first @boxcritters Easter Egg Hunt has begun! Good luck finding all the eggs! #easteregghunt #happyeaster


Item Giveaway!:

Great photos from the new item giveaway! And thanks @Tech70CP for helping leak another code. I know I accidentally leaked the Black 3D Glasses earlier this week. Oops.

Easter Items on Hamster Harry!: (yes thats my name for him, dont judge!)

Happy Easter and have a great weekend everyone! More updates next week. #boxcritters

Free Item #3 Release!:

Remind me not to update the weekly free item form my phone without testing. The Blue Ball Cap is now available. Type the secret code “/freeitem” in the message input.

Robot idea?:

I finally added an idea I have had for years to Box Critters. I am calling it beep. Beep will allow me to quickly develop new content and push updates to clients instantly. I’ll chat more about this in the coming month. Super excited. Thanks for helping me build #BoxCritters

Box Critters | Easter Egg Hunt Guide!

As today is the first official day of the easter egg hunt on Box Critters, here is the guide!

Step 1:


Locate the three eggs in these locations. The order in which you collect the eggs DOES matter, start on the very left and work your way to the right.
Step 2:
Wear each egg item to get the corresponding easter bunny ears
Then walk around in this location, wearing the easter eggs
While wearing the green easter egg you will recieve the white bunny ears
While wearing the purple easter egg you will recieve the pink bunny ears
While wearing the blue and purple egg you will recieve the blue bunny ears

Box Critters | Bugs and more!


Hey guys it has been a long few weeks, but I’m back! Heres what we know so far!

Struggles with Depth Sorting:

Nope. That is not working! Struggling with depth sorting”

Backpacking, Viking, Game Playing, Hamster Viking!:

The critter with items is looking good! I am proud to introduce the backpacking, viking, game playing, hamster viking!The critter with items is looking good! I am proud to introduce the backpacking, viking, game playing, hamster viking!

Critters ingame with items!:

One step closer. Does anyone have any idea how these critters can carry so much?



Sneak Peek at more items!:

Wow that has been a frustrating week. I rewrote the code to put items on the critter almost everyday to find a crazy little bug. Finally squashed it. Now back to creating the Inventory UI. Thanks for waiting. Here’s a sneak peek at more items.

Experiment 2 Hype!:

Wow! I did not expect so many people to be online waiting for experiment 2 to drop. I still have a number of things to get done before items and inventory is ready. Thanks for waiting.

Experiment 3 Concepts!:

Getting ahead of myself. While I’m working on items and inventory for experiment 2. My character artist is working on monsters and villains for experiment 3. Which do you prefer? With our without the belly?


Yes or no to eye patches?

Inventory working!:

Inventory for is now working! Next is to have your gear save in the database. My guess is Experiment 2 will be ready to begin in 2 days!

Experiment 2 Launch!:

A big thanks to all the fans that helped me launch Experiment 2! It took a little longer than expected but Box Critters now has items and inventory. What’s next? It is time to start exploring. Tell you friends.

Easter Item!:

For Easter would you like the blue or white bunny ears for your critter?


Would it be helpful if I started labeling items by their rarity? If so what would they be? Epic, Rare, Common?!?

Plaid Shirt Item!:

Next week I plan to release my plaid red shirt. Personally I believe plaid has super powers. Join my mailing list to learn the code first.

Box Critters |Possible Logo & More!


Hey guys, a lot has happened in the past 2 weeks.

I havent been posting a lot on here since I havent been too emotionally ready, but here we are!

Possible Logo:

Here are some ideas for a Box Critter logo. I don’t know. I’m still working on this. It is best to create your logo later once you find your brand. Remember you can play now!

Snail Working!:

Ta da! I got my snail working on Box Critters. I guess the mascot feature works. #boxcritters

Beta Item:

Here is the conversation:

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 4.37.49 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 4.38.19 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 4.38.37 PM.png

Honestly im going with the black ❤ ❤ ❤

Fox Critters?:

Someone asked for a fox critter. What do you think? Do you think the fox should join the thieves guild with the raccoon? My guess is they are both stealthy critters. Remember to follow @BoxCritters

Moonwalk ‘bug’ not planned to be fixed!:

For those that may have missed my tweet. I do not plan to fix this bug. The moonwalk is pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 4.41.30 PM.png

Invetory System:

Slowly working on the items and inventory systems. Sadly this is taking longer than I expected. Thank you for your patience.

Size Bug:

Well that did not work?!?

Helmet on critter bug:

Nope. Still not working. I think I am a professional bug maker.

Hamster critter with camping clothes:

Now that it is spring are you planning any big adventures? My goal for @BoxCritters is to create many adventures for you to unpack. Help test the first Experiment today.

Lizard Monster Critter:

Just playing around an idea for a lizard monster critter. Curious to hear your thoughts? Have a great week!

Hamster And Raccoon camping:

Silly Racoon get out of the picture! Busy working on some more new items for @BoxCritters

Box Critters Postcards?:

Should Box Critters me have postcards? My gut says no. I think Box Critters should have direct messages with emojis or stickers. Thoughts?

No plans for playercards:

I have been asked if @BoxCritters will have player cards?!? No plans to create player cards. I plan to create more of a player profile. This will provide you with more information, a bio, achievements and player history.

Viking Helmet Out!:

Remember when your building your ideas. Keep it simple. If you would like to test the viking helmet. Just say “/gear viking”. Next is to get the UI added.

Thats all for now! Have a critter day!

(P.S Art Of The Week, will be returning, but not this upcoming week.)

Box Critters OFFICIAL Discord Announcements And more! | Box Critters

hey guys!

Alot has happened these few days, infact the official Box Critters discord has announced alot of stuff!

Box Critters EXPERIMENT 2: Discord item!

Icy: “ i cant hold the surprise back any longer, as experiment 2 moves closer, you all know we will have items. rocketsnail has paired up with discord and we will be releasing a limited time discord headphones item in game! I will keep you further updated when we near that date. Thanks for all your support.

New Sprite!

In game:

Box Critters Experiment 2: Viking Hat working!

Got my old viking hat back! Looking good. I cannot wait to have inventory and items working! Play now:

Beaver Critter:

Some asked the other day for a beaver critter. In @BoxCritters you will have skills. One of the skills will be lumberjack. My guess is the beaver will have an advantage.